Lauria Machine Maintenance Service is your service provider for surfacing and profile grinding machines worldwide. According to industrial and precision grinding machines, we are offering any sort of service like maintenance services, troubleshooting and geometric overhauling.

Our experts are former ELB employees. Because of their international experience, they are more than qualified to help you with any kind of problem. In times of global cooperations, we are a very flexible and highly qualified partner.

Therefore, we are in possession of the following specialisations: ELB - ABA - Reform - Mägerle - G&H - Jung

Our practical experience with machines:

ELB Optimal SPS NC-K, ELB SWB 010 -015 NC-K, ELB SWN 06-08 NC-K, ELB Super Rubin, ELB H-K Orion, ELB Ambassador, ELB SWHZ 5 NC-K rapid, ELB Juwel, ELB SW4 VA 1, ELB Micro Cut 08-15, ELB SWDE 015-030, ELB Classic, ELB Cam Master 1/1, ELB Cam Master 1/2, ELB Tilt Master, ELB SS13, SWR 08, ELB SWR 1500, ELB SF 2-30, ELB SF 5000, ELB Rotary Master

Other brands
Mägerle MPF 125, Mägerle F12-V-R-S3, Mägerle F12, Mägerle F10 VR S4.2, Mägerle Orion 308, Mägerle F120 Z&B F.S.6.20, Z&B Profitline ZB63, Z&B FSV 40-100 ABA FFU 1000/60, ABA FF450/30, ABA SLM 20-5 Jung JF 415F, Jung JM 400, REFORM AR 316SA BLOHM 204 A, Blohm Planomat 406 Geibel & Hotz FS1260 GT SL

Cylindrical Grinders

About Vincenzo Lauria

1974 - 1978 
Trained as a toolmaker for cutting tool series

1978 - 1984
Worked at Opel in Rüsselsheim as a tool maker for stamping tools

1984 - 1996 
Worked worldwide as a service technician for flat and profile grinding machines ELB cut at a company in Babenhausen-Hessen

1996 - Today 
Founded "Lauria International" for industrial grinding services and modernisation of new and used car flat profile grinding machines